Japanese Step Tansu (Staircase)

These chests developed during the late Edo period and served a dual purpose, serving as a set of stairs as well as built-in storage compartments for merchandise. Merchants and their families lived both at the back of the house and upstairs, while their shop was close to the street front. The street entrance was hung with a noren (doorway curtain) advertising the nature of the business they conducted.

The Japanese Step Tansu (Kaidan Tansu) has been a long time favourite for many years in Japanese as well as in western households. In old days, the Kaidan Tansu was really used to get from one floor to the next.
The large Step Tansu is beautifully finished and elaborate on all sides. It is suitable for use as a room divider or can be placed against a wall. Hinges and ornaments are made of massive cast iron or brass.
The compartments behind the swinging or sliding doors are suitable as storage room for tableware and glasses or a bar. Small adds such as napkins or cutlery will find place in the drawers. Divided into 3 pieces the appearance of this unit can be changed to suit individual needs. The ideal alternative to traditional western style living room furniture. The small or medium size step tansu is the ideal furniture add if floor space is limited.

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