Document Chests and End Tables
These chests were formerly used to store precious festive garments and their corresponding accessories and jewellery. They are all unique and have a fascinating variety of drawers and compartments. Particularly attractive are the brass and cast-iron motives and fittings. These give the chests the exclusive touch. Today, these unique chests can be used in many ways; an eye catching piece in your entrance hall or a supplement to your living room. They can easily be combined with western interiors.
Each piece has its own and exclusive character through its individual fittings. Lots of symbolism lies behind the brass decorations. In old Korea, flower, bird or butterfly motives meant a joyous life and happiness. These symbols were mainly used in women quarters.


Head side chests for a sleeping person to store night clothes, with drawers to keep hair pins, ornaments, and important artifacts for women. These chests are mostly single leveled with one door and two or more drawers under the top panel. These chests are small in size and volume and are very convenient. Moreover, since they do not require large space in the living quarters, they are also very individualistic in their characteristics of their design and ornamentation. There is no standardized size but most are under 80 cm tall and useful at a sitting height. Head side chest are usually used in the an-bang but sometimes found in the sarang-bang.

In the sarang-bang (men´s quarters), head side chests are used as storage chests for writing utensils, books, important papers, keys, and other things for the convenience of the user. Also, writing utensil holders, Chinese ink holders, and paper holders are placed atop the chest for decoration. Head side chests are built with frames, with each side then added; thus, the deviation of surface can be detected from the front. Metal ornaments used on this chest have meanings of prosperity and success and are made from brass and nickel. Hinges are made into shapes of swallow wings. Elm, maple and Korean ash are used as materials and the surfaces may be covered with lacquer. The inside is often lined with silk or red paper.



Drawers Chest/Holl Choogi

6 drawers
brass handles
Width in cm: 48
Depth in cm: 36
Height in cm: 130
Availability: on stock in Switzerland
Price: CHF 1'130.-- Currency Converter

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09P-03 Schubladenmöbel




double swinging doors
simple brass hinges
ideal for living room area or TV stand
brass decoration
Width in cm: 90
Depth in cm: 40
Height in cm: 40
Availability: on stock in Switzerland
Price: CHF 1'380.-- Currency Converter

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09H-03 TV Stand/Sideboard


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