Wooden Lamps
Various types of lighting accessories, especially the tunggyongs (lamp stands) using candles were most popular and appreciated mainly by the upper class during the Joseon period while the common classes used oil lamps. Because of the high costs of candle sticks the government restricted the use of candles exclusively to ceremonial or interior lighting in upper class houses. A candle set on a stick was placed inside the lantern. The interior of the four sides of the lantern was finished in silk or rice papers. One side was crafted to open. Today, the same type of lanterns are used with electric lights as a decoration.
The dark wood of these lamps gives a beautiful contrast to the white rice paper (shoji). They provide a beautiful and decorative effect in daylight and a warm, romantic light at night.
Positioned on an end table or tansu, these lamps make the perfect focal point in your room.

RJ004 Wooden lamp made in two parts
made from used old wood
rice paper light house
Width in cm: 15
Depth in cm: 15
Height in cm: 54
Availability: on stock in Switzerland
Discount price: CHF 250.-- Currency Converter
(instead of CHF 390.--)

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RJ004a.jpg We are in need of some help from a linguist!

We were told, that a love story is printed on this paper screen. But, who really knows the meaning of these Chinese characters?



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