Medicine Chest (Kusuri Tansu)

Medicine chests are the classical Korean furniture items. They have a pleasant look and are therefore highly sought after in the western world.

In former times they were used to store medicines, herbs and roots. Even today, pharmacies, using these traditional Korean medicine chests, can be found in large cities like Seoul. 

A herbal doctor treated patients with herbal medicines or acupuncture in a dispensary, which served as a pharmacy as well.



In Korea, a system of herbal medicines had been established through experiments, and Tongui Pogam (Exemplar of Korean Medicine), completed in 1610, was a landmark in the development of Korean herbal medicine.
Acupuncture was developed to treat many diseases and medical treatment, based on the patient's physical state, was practised. The scene left shows a herbal medicine dispensary of the past where a herb doctor is taking the pulse of a pregnant woman.

The background of the above picture shows two medicine chests, each is unique and has a different character. 
There are different styles and variations of medicine chests available. They can easily combine with modern furnishings as a contrasting focal point. Drawers in different sizes are often used to store cutlery, keys or stationary items. Medicine chests are the perfect decoration for your home.



Medicine Chest

16 drawers
white painted Chinese characters
back side with Chinese characters
Width in cm: 49
Depth in cm: 27
Height in cm: 42
Availability: on stock in Switzerland
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09P-01 Medicine chest


Table with 18 drawers

3 rows with 6 drawers each
carved Chinese characters
Feet in a crane's shape
brass hinges
Width in cm: 81
Depth in cm: 30
Height in cm: 41
Availability: on stock in Switzerland
Discount price: CHF 690.-- Currency Converter
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09P-15 Korean Table with 18 drawers

Coffee Tables can be used in addition to any western seating corner. Enjoy a cup ot coffee and feel yourself like an scholar during the Joseon period in old Korea.


Herbal medicine dates back 3,000 years to its origins in China and has been used in Korea for more than 2,000 years. The shape and design of the medicine chests has been adapted to nowadays use, so this special decoration item can easily be combined with western interior.

The medicine chest has decorative brass fittings. Its modern applications are seemingly endless: a spice trunk, desk organizer, notions organizer or jewelry box, to name a few. An extraordinary gift!

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