Instruction how to handle Korean Locks

List of parts
Korean brass lock with straight key

consists of the following parts:

1. Key
2. Main part U-shape fish form
3. Slot




1. How to open the lock with a straight key


  1. Hold the main part in your left hand, the key in your right hand as shown on the picture.

  1. Push the key slowly into the U-shape until the lock opens. Should it not be possible the first time, remove the key and restart at point 1.

Important: Do not use any force, slow forward/backward moves will open the lock.

  1. Remove the slot from the U-shape, the lock is now open.

2. How to attach the lock to a Korean furniture


  1. Important: Before you try to fix a lock to a furniture make sure, that you can open and close the lock without any problems.

  1. Close the ring over the joint.

  1. Hold the opening of the U-shape over the hole of the joint.

  1. Move the slot slowly into the U-shape. The stick of the slot has to go through the hole in the joint.

  1. The lock is now closed. For decoration purpose, hang the key over the lock.

Lost key?

Get in contact with us and give us the exact measurement of the lock in cm and mm. We will try our best to find a replacement key for you.


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